Project LDI02014 We connect for more opportunities Course of activities 10/2021-9/2022 Employment agency BBSK, n.o.

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The BBSK employment agency employs 6 people in the project, of which 3 are Roma.

In the project, by the end of September 2022, the Agency provided job counseling and assistance in applying to the labor market to 146 persons, of which 106 were Roma and 18 expats from Ukraine.

Clients of the BBSK Employment Agency completed informal training for the development of social, digital and financial skills and were provided with support in finding and maintaining employment. 36 people got a job thanks to the project activities.

Based on cooperation agreements, the agency established a partnership with 14 regional employers, the Lučenec Labor Office and cooperates with 15 community centers from the Lučenec district and its surroundings.

As part of its youth-focused activities, the BBSK Employment Agency established cooperation with 5 elementary and 2 secondary vocational schools and during the first year of project implementation provided career counseling to 6 children from the MRK environment from 3 municipalities of the Lučenec district, 2 of whom started in the 2022/2023 school year to high school. We are currently working with another 6 ninth graders whom we are motivating to study in high school. Counseling was also provided to 30 high school students in their search for part-time jobs alongside their studies.

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Sports afternoon “We can do it”

On the last day of May, all generations met at the Rapovská križovatka, united by a sports afternoon. The event took place as part of



City of Lučenec and project partners: BBSK Employment Agency, DOM.ov Project and CBNRM Networking in the LDI02014 project “We connect for more opportunities” – “We