Together for the cleaner City Park and self-help works in the community at the Rapovská križovatka

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    The goal of the LDI02014 project “We connect for more opportunities” was also joint activities that were prepared during the implementation of the project with the community, students of the Pedagogical High School in Lučenec, community workers, or field social workers, project partners and volunteers.

Another such activity was the brigade in the City Park, under the auspices of the BBSK Employment Agency partner in Lučenec. Together, they managed to clean and beautify the rose beds and the fountain after the winter. A very positive moment was the request of the community at the Rapovská crossroads for materials so that they could repair and paint their houses there by themselves. They came to help with the choice of material and color.

It was only a step from the idea to the action, and as part of a joint activity and especially with the great determination and commitment of the residents of Rapovská krizovatka, their houses were given a new coat of paint. These are precisely the opportunities brought about by the connection of several actors in the project and activities that would probably not have arisen otherwise.

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Norwegian partners in Lučenec

    The LDI02014 project “We unite for more” brought together the City of Lučenec as a municipality with partners the BBSK Employment Agency, the non-profit