We are implementing the project “We connect for more opportunities”

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The goal of the “We unite for more opportunities” project is to improve the position of people from marginalized Roma communities (MRK) and help them integrate into society through the partnership of the municipality and non-governmental organizations. This is help in the field of education, employment, housing and prevention of discrimination.

Since the beginning of the implementation of the project, the BBSK Employment Agency has actively visited community centers and non-governmental organizations offering assistance to people from MRK. We established cooperation with 9 community centers, field social workers and NGOs, who recommend the Agency’s services to their clients. Currently, within the project, we are actively working with 141 clients, to whom we provide individual as well as group counseling. The Agency’s employees help clients with searching for job offers, writing CVs, motivational letters and applications for employment, with training of work and digital skills. They actively communicate with employers, accompany clients on selection procedures and interviews and provide support even after starting work in solving common problems that arise in the workplace. We actively cooperate with the City of Lučenec, the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Lučenec and the organization Projekt DOM.ov. During the implementation of the project, we established cooperation with 17 employers in the Lučenec district, with whom we managed to employ 48 clients.

 In 2022, after the outbreak of the war conflict in Ukraine, we also helped refugees. We helped them find accommodation, provided food aid, imported medicines, handled official matters and helped most of them find employment.

In September 2022, the Agency moved to the city center – closer to the clients. Part of the premises is a training room where we prepare clients for labor market conditions (digital skills, work skills). From December 2022, sewing machines are available to clients for teaching the basics of sewing, as a specific request of the employer for the position of seamstress. At the same time, we prepare free courses for clients provided by professional guarantors in the field of horticulture and green maintenance, and we also offer training for workers to municipalities in the region.

In order to provide quality advice, the Agency’s staff constantly improve their expertise by attending various trainings and courses.

The project is financed from the budget of the Kingdom of Norway and the state budget of the Slovak Republic. Norwegian grants LDI02014 We connect for more opportunities.

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Norwegian partners in Lučenec

    The LDI02014 project “We unite for more” brought together the City of Lučenec as a municipality with partners the BBSK Employment Agency, the non-profit