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The BBSK labor agency is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 by the Banskobystrica self-governing region together with the non-profit organization Man in Danger. Based on joint negotiations, the organization found its place of operation in Lučenec, where it provides its free services mainly to the long-term unemployed, people from marginalized Roma communities, but also to otherwise disadvantaged clients.

            Anyone looking for a job, regardless of age, experience or field, is welcome at the agency – just come, share some information about yourself and indicate what kind of work you would be interested in. The agency covers the entire process – from searching for offers, communicating with employers, writing CVs to practical skills training and tailor-made training.

            We are flexible and work with clients both individually according to their needs and at a pace that suits them, as well as in groups – especially during training sessions. A comprehensive approach is a matter of course – we understand and can help with housing mediation or debt relief. Likewise, after starting work, we are still available – either for individual support to the employee or the employer.

We currently have more than 700 job seekers and more than 150 clients with whom we work individually in our database, about 80% of whom are Roma. During the less than 2 years of our operation, we managed to mediate employment or short-term work opportunities for more than 120 clients.

In 2020, we ensured the recruitment and selection of employees for quarantine centers, social service centers and assistance with general testing for COVID-19 in the entire Banská Bystrica region. At the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020, we provided the city of Lučenec with a steam disinfection device for exterior disinfection and distributed a number of disposable and textile masks to Roma communities in the Lučenec district and humanitarian aid in the form of food and hygiene packages for 100 families in need.

A common procedure with other important actors is a matter of course. We are already actively cooperating with the City of Lučenec, the Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family in Lučenec, the organization Projekt DOM.ov and community centers in the surrounding villages.

The BBSK employment agency is located in the premises of the Secondary Vocational School of Hotel Services and Transport, Zvolenská cesta 1677/83, 984 01 Lučenec. We are available every working day from May 8 to 16, by phone at 0902 712 626 or by email at peter.mihaly@agenturapracebbsk.sk.

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