Schools in the town of Lučenec received new technology thanks to Norwegian grants

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Thanks to the aforementioned project, we were able, among other things, within the scope of activity 1 of the Recipient (City of Lučenec): Support for better access of children and their parents from marginalized Roma communities to education through information technology, to purchase powerful computer sets for six schools within the jurisdiction of the city of Lučenec, which they will mainly serve the marginalized Roma communities, as well as children and their parents from socially excluded communities, to have access to technology, thanks to which they will receive better education in the future.

“Our city was successful in applying for a subsidy in the project We are united for more opportunities, thanks to which we were able to provide new computer sets to every school within the city’s establishment jurisdiction. These are specifically six elementary schools, and each of these schools received six computer sets from the city. We know that many children do not have the necessary computer technology at home for education or creating various projects. Also thanks to this project, their educational process will improve and we will strengthen their skills with technology. The computers are also intended for parents, who thanks to them have the opportunity to access the school’s website and thus check their children’s education and find out about their possible successes or failures,” said the mayor of Lučenec Alexandra Pivková about the project.

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Project of the City of Lučenec and partners: Employment Agency BBSK, n.o., Project DOM.ov n.o. and the Norwegian partner CBNRM Networking, within the project (LDI02014)